Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting (Part 1)

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Kw¤úDUvi nj Ggb GKwU `ªæZMwZm¤úbœ ‰e`y¨wZK hš¿ hv BbcyU †_‡K Avmv Z_¨mgyn cÖwµqv - Ki‡Yi ci wbf©yjfv‡e `ªæZ djvdj cÖ`vb K‡i| (Computer is an electronic device which takes data as input, process it and gives us as output)

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A Computer is basically an electronics machine capable of receiving, sorting and manipulating data which is represented electrically. The manipulating of data called processing can involve mathe - matical and logical operation. Computer does not have an inborn ability to make choices. It must be given a set of detailed instructions called a program which tell it how to respond under different circumstances.

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mgvR weeZ©‡bi mv‡_ mv‡_ GK mgq gvby‡li  cÖ‡qvRb nq wnmve wbKv‡ki | Pvwn`vi  K_v we‡ePbv K‡i Pxb Ges Rvcvb  †hŠ_  cÖ‡Póvq ˆZwi K‡i G¨vevKvm (ABACUS) bv‡gi GKwU  MbYvhš¿| hvi  g‡Wj b¤^i wQj 2200BC   GUv †`L‡Z PZzf~©R Kv‡Vi  ev c­vw÷‡Ki †d«‡gi gZ| GB †d«‡gi  g‡a¨ mgšÍivjfv‡e Zvi evav wQj| MbYv  Kivi Rb¨ GB Zv‡ii  gvSLv‡b  †MvjK cywZ ev ej jvMv‡bv _vK‡Zv| wb‡P GKwU Qwe †`Iqv nj| GUvB  wQj gvby‡li cÖ‡Póvq ˆZwi cÖ_g AsKwfwËK MbYvhš¿ -

1642 L„óv‡ã Rvgv©bxi ‡eøBm c¨vm‡Kj Mechanical Calculator Avwe®‹vi K‡ib Ges 1671 mv‡j jvB‡ewb_ Me  chanical Calculator Gi cÖfyZ DbœwZ mvab K‡ib| 1812 mv‡j e„wUk MwYZwe` †ej j¨ve‡iUwii cÖwZôvZv Pvj©m †e‡eR (Charles   Babbage)  jMvwi`gmn  MvwYwZK  wnmv‡ei Rb ¨ Difference - Engine"  Ges 1833 L„óv‡ã "Analytical - Engine"  Avwe®‹vi K‡ib Ges ‡mBmv‡_ wZwb avibv †`b GKwU AvaywbK Kw¤úDUvi wKfv‡e ˆZwi Kiv m¤¢e †mm¤ú‡K©| GRb¨B Pvj©m †e‡eR ‡K AvaywbK Kw¤úDUv‡ii RbK ejv nq|

Gici  1937  mv‡j  IBM  †Kv¤úvbx Mark 1 bv‡g cÖ_g Kw¤úDUviwU ˆZwi K‡i| GUv wQj 51 dzU j¤^vI 8 dzU  DPz Ges  Gi IRb wQj 5 Ub| Z‡e wKQy mxgve×Zvi Kvi‡b GB Kw¤úDUviwU†K 15 eQ‡ii †ekx  Pvjv‡bv m¤¢e nqwb| hy³iv‡ói ˆZwi 1951 mv‡j UNIVAC 1 bvgK Kw¤úDUviwU nj me© cÖ_g evwYwR¨K wfwˇZ ˆZwi Electronic Computer hv Numeric Ges Textual Information wb‡q KvR Ki‡Z cviZ| 1954 mv‡j IBM †Kv¤úvbx IBM 650 bv‡gi Kw¤úDUvi w`‡q cÖ_g Zv‡`i e¨emvwqK hvÎv ïiæ  K‡i|

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hw`I  MYYv  KvR‡K mvg‡b †i‡LB Kw¤úDUv‡ii DrcwË Z_vwc AvaywbK Kw¤úDUvi†K mKj Kv‡RB e¨envi  Kiv n‡”Q|  ‡hgb :  gnvKvk M‡elYv, weÁvb M‡elYv, wPwKrmv, wk¶v, e¨vsK, wegv Awdm, miKvwi Awdm , wbg©vY KvR, Awdm e¨e¯’vvcbv,  mvgwiK,  †Ljvayjv, we‡bv`b  Ges AviI bvbvwea Kv‡R Kw¤úDUvi e¨envi n‡q _v‡K| Pjyb †R‡b wbB Kw¤úDUvi wK wK KvR Ki‡Z cv‡i bv †m m¤ú‡K© -

Kw¤úDUv‡ii Kv‡Ri †¶Î wekvj wKš‘ Ggb wKQy wKQy KvR Av‡Q †h¸‡jv Kw¤úDUvi Ki‡Z cv‡i bv| †hgb -

    Computer cannot decide how to be programmed
    Computer cannot provide its own data
    Computer cannot interpret data
    Computer cannot implement decisions
    Computer cannot think

‡Kvb Program G hZ¶Y ch©šÍ Gi mywbw`©ó wb‡`©kgvjv †`qv bv n‡”Q ZZ¶Y ch©šÍ Kw¤úDUvi wKQyB Ki‡Z cv‡i bv| GUv wbR †_‡K wba©viY Ki‡Z cv‡i bv Program wU wKiKg n‡e| Avevi Kw¤úDUvi wbR †_‡K ‡Kvb Data Input Ges Gi e¨vL¨v w`‡Z cv‡i bv | GUv  ‡Kvb iKg hvwš¿K ÎæwUI †givgZ Ki‡Z cv‡i bv| Kw¤úDUvi †Kvb wel‡q wPšÍv Ki‡Z cv‡i bv hv †Kej gvbyl cv‡i|

Word 2007 Chapter 1

Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft office word 2007 is most useful and popular word processing application in the computer world. You can create professional – looking documents with it. It is providing a comprehensive set of tools. Word 2007 has rich review, commenting and comparison capabilities to complete the document.


Open word 2007

There are several way to open word 2007 to a computer.

  • To open word 2007 turn the computer on, Click start button, point toprograms, click Microsoft Office, then click Microsoft office word 2007 
  •  If you have any short-cut icon of word 2007on desktop  to open word 2007 double click on it
  • If you have any document of word 2007 or earlier version double click on it to open.

Whenever you open word 2007 you will see the following Microsoft Office Word 2007 window:

Moontech Publications
Microsoft Word 2007

Look at top of the picture. “Document 1-Microsoft word” is title bar. Left upper corner has a circle called office button. Beside of it has Customize quick Access Toolbar. This version of word has a ribbon. It is newest of word 2007. This version of word has no menu bar. You have to look also Scroll bar, previous page, Next page, Zoom out, zoom in and Status bar in the picture. The main whole page is called editing screen.

Open a new document

To open a new document just click office button then click new. A dialog box will appear on the screen. Select blank document from this window and at last click create. You can also select Install Templates from this window to create ready made document. To open a document you can use short-cut key. Press Alt key, F, N, and Enter. Now you can begin compose in the editing screen. Here is a sample paragraph for you. 

If you have more than one personal pc, or other hardware equipment such as printers, scanners, or cameras, you can easily use a network to promote files, folders, and your Internet connection. For example, if you are operating internet, someone also can be browsing the Internet from another computer together. If you have many computers and one or extra other hardware equipment such as printers, scanners, or cameras, you can additionally share accessibility to those devices from all of computers. There are various ways to connect computers or generate a network. For a home and also small office, the most common style is peer-to-peer networking. Inside of a peer-to-peer network, also called your workgroup, computers instantly communicate with each other and don't require a server to cope with network resources. A peer-to-peer network is most suitable when less than ten computers are established in the same general vicinity. The computers in a workgroup are believed to be peers because they are all similar and share resources between each other. Every user chooses which data on his or her computer might be shared with the network. By way of sharing common resources, users are able to print from a single laser printer, access information in shared directories, and operate on a single file without transferring it to the floppy disk

When finish your document look like below:

Moontech Publications

Cursor or Insertion point is very important whenever you typing something. You can write, delete or edit at the cursor position. It is easy to move the cursor by keyboard. See the movement of cursor by keyboard :

Whenever you want to select a text or block something you can do it by mouse. it is easy then keyboard. How can we select or block any text by mouse see the following table:

Save a document

In a computer we can create a lot of file and want to save it to a storage place, so that in any time can reopen it. You can save your document by following instructions or methods

  • Using Customize quick Access Toolbar :
Click Save  (a picture of floppy disketteicon from customize quick toolbar. A Save As dialog box will appear on the screen. Type the desire name in the portion of File Name. Select destinations drive and folder (optionalwhere you want to keep the file. If you don’t want to select destination by default it will save in My documents or User name folder.  Click OKbutton.

  • Using Save command :
To save a document by using Save command you have to click office button then click Save. If you want to use this command for a new document, a dialog box (Save As) will appear on the screen. Type a name in the field of File Name. You can select destination drive and folder(optional) then click Save button. From now whenever you want to save this document no any dialog box will appear on the screen. Keyboard short-cut command is : Ctrl + S ( for new document first time dialog box will appear )

  • Using Save As  command :
Save As command actually same as Save command. The deferent between Save As and Savecommand is Save As command every time will display a dialog box and Save command for new document first time will display a dialog box.  Keyboard short-cut command is :  F12 ( Function key )

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